Ajeng Aprilianti, Yati Sugiarti


The purpose of this research is describe marginalization of woman that experienced by Brigitte and Paula in novel Die Liebhaberinnen by Elfriede Jelinek. This research used descriptive-qualitative technique. This research used objective approach with theory of feminism. Data sources of this research is novel Die Liebhaberinnen by Elfriede Jelinek, published by Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH Hamburg in 1975. The data were words, phrases, and sentences related to the marginalization of women. The data obtained through the technique of reading noted. The validity of the data obtained with the semantic validity and expert judgement. The Reliability of this research used intra-rater reliability and inter-rater. The Results of this research showed that the main character Brigitte experienced marginalization of women in the form of (1) the obligation of doing housework that Brigitte had to do household chores in Heinz’s house, (2) social assessment on women that Brigitte’s work as a seamstress is underrated by Heinz’s mother, (3) forced to do sex with Heinz since Brigitte doesn't really love Heinz, and (4) double workload because after working Brigitte must take her time to serve Heinz. Meanwhile, the main character, Paula experienced marginalization of women in the form of (1) the limitation in choosing a job i.e. Paula can only choose between being a housewife or a sales assistant, (2) the obligation of helping job households i.e. Paula had to help his mother serves the purposes of father and his brother, (3) restrictions on rights in choosing her partner i.e. Paula can only wait for a man to choose her, (4) violence and force to do sex i.e. her private parts often touched by workers who works in the forest, and (5) restriction of rights by her husband that Paula was not allowed to go anywhere without permission from Erich.


Keywords: Marginalization, Woman, Main Character

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