A Pragmatic Analysis of Politeness in Dialogue Texts of Developing English Competencies E-Book for the Tenth Grade of Senior High School By Achmad Doddie et.al

Taufiqur Rohman


This is a pragmatic study which aims at identifying types of politeness strategies employed in the dialogue texts of Developing English Competencies E-book for Grade Tenth Senior High School by Achmad Doddie et al. and describing the way politeness strategies are realized in the dialogue texts. This descriptive qualitative study concerned with the description of the data in the form dialogue texts in which politeness strategies and principles exist. The data source was an e-book downloaded from website belongs to ministry of education, that is http://bse.kemdigbud.go.id. This study was conducted through identifying the data, classifying the categorized data, analyzing the classified data, interpreting the data, reporting the findings and presenting the data in the discussion. To achieve data trustworthiness, the data sheets were checked by the researcher and his peers. The finding shows that positive politeness strategy occurs 24 of 44 data total (54.5%). The second position was bald on record which occurs 14 times (31.8%) and then negative politeness strategy with 5 times occurrence (13,6%). While off-record politeness strategy was not found in the data. Since positive politeness is mostly used the dialogue texts, it shows that the authors would like to emphasize the closeness between the speaker and the hearer.

Keywords: e-book, pragmatics, politeness strategies

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