Zuhriyatul Baiti


The objective of this research was to develop English vocabulary learning materials based on songs for grade five students of Elementary School. This study was concerned on how to provide the vocabulary materials for English teaching and learning process. It was a Research and Development (R&D) study. The subjects of this study were grade five students of SDN Warungboto, Yogyakarta. This study adapted the R&D model proposed by Borg and Gall (1983) and Masuhara (in Tomlinson, 1998). The steps of this study were conducting needs analysis, developing the course grid, writing the vocabulary learning materials, getting expert judgment and evaluating the vocabulary learning materials, revising and writing the final draft of the English vocabulary learning materials. Two types of questionnaire were used to collect the data. The first questionnaire was made to obtain the data for needs analysis and the second questionnaire was used to obtain the data about the appropriateness of the book through expert judgment and the respondents. The data of the questionnaire of the appropriateness of the book were analyzed quantitatively through descriptive analysis. The result of the needs analysis shows that the students needed song-based tasks for vocabulary learning containing many varied activities, attractive pictures and interesting texts. The product of this study was vocabulary learning materials entitled the English Vocabulary Learning Materials for Grade Five Students of Elementary School which was completed with the teacher’s Guide and the answer key inside of it. This product developed three units of materials. Considering the students’ needs, the input was in the form of songs, texts and pictures. Based on the analysis of the data from the expert judgment, the mean score of all aspects of the units, in the scale of 1-4, was in the range of 3≤x≤3.49 and can be categorized as “Good”. Therefore, it can be concluded that the developed materials are appropriate for grade five students of Elementary School.

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