Improving Students’ Speaking Skills through Pre-Communicative and Communicative Activities in Class X IS II oF SMAN 1 Godean in the 2015/2016 Academic Year

Meilani Meilani


This action research study aimed to observe and to describe the processes, the changes, and the results of the implementation of pre-communicative and communicative activities to improve students’ speaking skill of the students of class X IS II of SMAN 1 Godean.  The action research model employed Kemmis and McTaggar’s. It consisted of four steps which were reconnaissance, plan, action and observation, and reflection. The research subjects were the 31 students of Class X IS II in SMA N 1 Godean in the 2015/2016 academic year in the second semester. They consisted of 25 female students and 6 male students. It consisted of two cycles with each consisting of three meetings within six-weeks long. This action research study used mixed-method research with both qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were collected through observations, interviews, and open ended questions. The analysis of the qualitative data employed the Miles’ and Huberman’s (2014) Interactive Model which consisted of three steps, namely data condensation, data display, and conclusion drawing. The quantitative data were in the form of speaking performance scores gained through the speaking performance pre-test and post test. The analysis of the data was done through the mean scores comparison. The result of the research showed that the students indicated improvement in their speaking skills, particularly in terms of fluency, pronunciation and intonation, and interactive skills. The achievement was gained through the use of pre-communicative and communicative activities and the eight complementary actions. The pre-communicative activitieswere in the form of vocabulary exercises, pronunciation and intonation drilling, homework, and semi-guided speaking activity. The communicative activities were the Holiday Survey, Sharing Embarrassing Experience of Childhood, Steve Job’s Life Timeline, and the Best Admirer. Besides, the students’ involvement, participation, confidence and scores in speaking increased. Most importantly, their speaking skills improved.

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