Improving the Writing Skills of Class VII B Students of SMP N 8 Yogyakarta By Using Picture – Cued Tasks in the Academic Year of 2015/ 2016

Nuria Dwi, , Indonesia


The objective of this research is to improve the writing skills of class VII B students of SMP N 8 Yogyakarta by using picture-cued tasks in the academic year of 2015/2016. The research is classroom action research. It consisted of three cycles. The writer applied some instruments to obtain the research data, i.e. observation sheet, interview guidelines, and test. The data from the observation sheet and interview guidelines was analyzed qualitatively while the test was analyzed quantitatively. Before doing the action, the writer conducted observations and interviews both the students and the teacher as collaborator. The writer found that there were some problems in the writing learning process. The students still have difficulties in making and developing idea in writing. Based on the situations, the writer offered picture-cued tasks to solve the problem in the writing learning process. Picture-cued tasks used to stimulate the students’ written responses. It means by giving the students pictures, it will be much easier to them make and develop the ideas from the picture. There are three kinds of picture-cued tasks; they are a short sentence, a picture description, and a picture sequence description. After she conducted the action, she would hold a test to know the improvements of their writing ability. The results of the research showed that the use of picture-cued tasks was able to improve student’ writing skills in each cycle. It was supported by the students’ mean scores. In the first cycle found the mean of the score of the students’ writing was 61,375.  In the second cycle found the mean of the score of the students’ writing was 67,375. In the third cycle found the mean of the score of the students’ writing was 78. Moreover, the students were more enjoy in the writing activities than before.

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