Improving Students’ Listening Skills of Grade VIII in SMP Negeri 1 Wates Using Scaffolding Principles in the Academic Year of 2015/2016

Imam Akhbar


The purpose of this action research was to improve the students’ listening skills of grade VIII in SMP N 1 Wates in the academic year 2015/2016 by implementing Scaffolding Principles. The participants of the research were the students of class VIII C. The data collected were qualitative in nature and quantitative as the supporting data. The steps of the research consist of reconnaissance, planning, action and observation, and reflection. Some of the scaffolding principles were implemented in this research. The principles were modeling the desired behaviors, offering explanations, inviting students’ participation, giving verification and clarification of students’ understanding, and inviting students to contribute clues. The data were in the forms of field notes, interview transcripts, photographs, and the score of listening tests.  The data were gained from  the  observations  of  the teaching and learning process and the interview with the research members. The data of field notes and interview transcripts were analyzed qualitatively, while the test was analyzed quantitatively. The validity was obtained by applying process, catalytic, democratic, and dialogic validity. The results of the research revealed that the use of scaffolding principles gradually could improve the students’ listening skills. Based on the students’ test result, quantitatively, the scores showed that there are improvements on the students’ listening skills. Qualitatively, the students gained the experience and input related to the listening process. The implementation of scaffolding principles could help and support the students in the learning process.

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