Using Communicative Games to Improve Students’ Involvement in Speaking Class of the Eight Grade at SMP Negeri 1 Sleman in Academic Year of 2015/2016

Muhammad Yusup


This research is aimed to improve the students’ involvement in speaking class of eight grade at SMP Negeri 1 Sleman through the use of communication games.  This research was action research that consisted of three cycles with three meetings in each cycle. I worked collaboratively with the English teacher, the students, and my friend of PPL PPG SM-3T. The qualitative data were obtained from the observation during the implementation of the actions; interview to the English teacher and the students of class 8E; and the discussion with the English teacher. The instrument used in collecting the data is interview guideline. The validity  of  the  data  was  obtained  by  applying  democratic  validity,  catalytic validity, outcome validity, process validity and dialogic validity. The reliability of the data was obtained by applying triangulation method. These data were analyzed using five steps i.e. assembling the data, coding the data, comparing the data, building interpretations, and reporting the outcomes. The  results  of  this  research  show  that  the  use  of  communication games can improve the students’ involvement in speaking class. During the implementation of the actions, the students were actively and enthusiastically involved the English teaching and learning process.

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