Developing Digital Learning Media Based on Ramayana Movie to Improve the Eight Graders of Junior High School’s Skills of Reading Narrative Text

Hanung Hambara, , Indonesia


The objectives of this study were: 1) to describe the target needs of grade eight students of junior high school in learning reading; 2) to describe the learning needs of grade eight students of junior high school, and 3)       to design the appropriate culture-based media for the grade eight students of junior high school to learn reading skills. This research was a Research and Development (R&D) study, starting from analyzing needs until developing the final draft.The study proved that the students studied English to get grades to continue to the next school level.The students learning needs is the digital learning media which offers a Javanese version of Ramayana movie to introduce local culture to the users. The media developed in the study was in the form of digital learning media for eight graders of junior high school and a teacher’s guide book compiled in a CD.

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