Developing Interactive Learning Multimedia of Reading and Writing for When English Rings A BellFor Grade VII Students Of SMP N 1 Imogiri

Rina Kusumawati, , Indonesia


The aim of this research was to develop interactive learning multimedia of reading and writing for When English Rings a Bell for grade 7 students of SMP N 1 Imogiri Bantul. This research was classified as research and development (R&D). The subject of the research was the VIIA grade students of SMP N 1 Imogiri Bantul. The research procedure was adapted from ADDIE model proposed by Lee and Owens (2004). The steps were analyzing students’ needs, designing  course grid and  flowchart, developing  the  first draft of the  interactive  learning  multimedia, evaluating  the  first  draft  by  an  expert  and  revising  it  to get the final draft. The data were collected through (needs analysis questionnaire and expert judgment rating scale). The data from the needs analysis were analyzed quantitatively using frequency and percentage. Meanwhile, the data from the expert judgment were analyzed using descriptive statistics to evaluate the first product. The first product was revised to get the final product. The research findings showed that the multimedia was considered appropriate. The mean score was 3.3, which was “good”.

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