Developing English Learning Materials for The Tenth Graders of Nursing Department in the Second Semester of SMK

Sari Wahyuningsih Tyas


The objectives of this study were: 1) to find out the target needs, 2) to find out the learning needs, and 3) to develop the appropriate English materials for the tenth graders of nursing department at the second semester. This study belonged to Research and Development (R&D). The subjects of this study were the tenth graders of nursing department at SMK Kesehatan Rahani Husada. The steps of this study were conducting the need analysis, developing the course grid, developing the first draft materials, materials evaluation, revising the first draft materials and writing the final draft materials. There were two types questionnaires used to collect the data. The first questionnaire was made for collecting data in need analysis while the second questionnaire was made for collecting the data of the appropriateness of the materials through the expert judgment. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics. This research found out that the target needs of the tenth graders of nursing department were: (1) being able to use English to support them as a nurse in the future, (2) being in advanced level to support their later job, and (3) being able to communicate well in English. This research developed three units of materials based on the School-Based Curriculum. Each unit had three main parts: introduction, main lessons, and reinforcement. Considering the learning need,  the input were in the form of monolog/dialog (listening), authentic texts used in daily life (speaking), texts with pictures or graphics (reading), and explanation of grammar and sentence structure (writing). Meanwhile, for the procedures, the tasks were in the form of discussion, practicing model of dialog or monolog, reading comprehension, and writing the same text as the given model. In finishing the activities, students claimed that they liked it when it was done individually. Based on the analysis of the data from the expert judgment, the mean score of all aspects of the three developed units, in the scales of 1-4, was 3.6 which is in the range of 3.25 ≤ x ≤ 4 and can be categorized as “Very Good”.

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