Developing Englih Speaking Materials for Grade Ten Students of Office Administration Study Program at SMK

Erma Lailyfiah, , Indonesia


The objective of this research was to develop appropriate English speaking materials for grade ten students of Office Administration study program. The steps of the research were data and information collection (needs analysis), course grid writing, materials design, expert validation, materials revision and final draft writing. The subjects of the research were grade ten students of Office Administration Study Program, Class X AP1. The instruments to collect data were observation, interview guideline, needs analysis questionnaire and expert judgment questionnaire. The results of the observation and interview were analyzed qualitatively. The results of the questionnaires were analyzed using descriptive statistics. This research developed three units of materials. Each unit was organized into: ‘Warm-up’, ‘Let’s Listen’, ‘Say It Right’, ‘Word Bank’, ‘Let’s Study’, ‘Let’s Practice More’, ‘Let’s Speak More’, ‘Summary’, and ‘Reflection’. Based on the findings of the expert judgments analysis, the materials were appropriate. The mean score of all aspects of the three developed units was 3. 89 which was categorized as “Very well”.

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