Ester Ria Mei Utami


The aims of this research were to describe the target and learning needs of Grade X students of Senior High School in learning reading and writing autonomously and to develop appropriate supplementary reading-writing materials for enrichment purposes for Grade X students of Senior High School. This was Research and Development (R&D) study. The subjects were 27 students from one senior high school in Yogyakarta in the academic year of 2015/2016. The research procedure was adapted from Masuhara (in Tomlinson, 1998: 247). The steps of the research were (1) conducting a needs analysis, (2) writing a syllabus, (3) developing materials, (4) getting an expert judgement, and (5) revising and writing the final draft of the materials. In the first step, a questionnaire to the students was distributed and interview with the teacher was conducted. The data from needs analysis questionnaire were analysed by looking up the percentage of each statement while the data from interview were transcribed and interpreted. Then, the results were used as the basis to develop the syllabus, which were the guidelines to develop the materials. After developing the materials, an expert judgment was conducted to validate the materials. The results of the expert judgment were in the forms of scores and suggestions. The scores were analysed through descriptive statistics. Together with the suggestions, they were used to revise the first draft of the materials. The results of target needs analysis included the students’ goals, current and expected proficiency, difficulties, and wants. Meanwhile, for learning needs, it was obtained the inputs, activities, setting, learners’ role and teachers’ role. The products of the research were three units of supplementary reading-writing materials for enrichment purposes. Each unit reflected the steps of task-based instruction, consisting of 14 to 16 tasks. The components of the unit were arranged into several stages, namely orientation, word builder, reading, a grip on grammar, writing, review, reflection, and summary. The topics dealt with local culture and heritage: historical buildings, historical events, and legends. In each unit, students were encouraged to do discussion, be actively involved in investigation, and to use their creativity. The tasks were varied, from individual tasks to small group tasks

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