Improving Students’ Narrative Writing Through Story Completion Activity for the Eighth Grade Students of SMP N 1 Ngemplak

Febri Arif Saputra


This study was aimed at improving the students’ narrative writing skills at Grade VIII of SMP N 1 Ngemplak using story completion activity.  This research was a classroom action research. The subject of this research was Grade VIII A which consists of 30 students. The instruments of this research were writing test, students’ observation checklist, field notes, teacher’s observation checklist, and interview. The data of this research were both in qualitative and quantitative data.  The result of this research showed that Story Completion Activity could improve 70% students of total students in writing narrative text at Grade VIII A of SMPN 1 Ngemplak. There was an improvement of subjects who were be able to pass the standard score (≥75) from 27% in baseline data into 50% of students in the test in Cycle 1 and finally became 70% in Cycle 2. In addition,  the factors that influence the improvement of students’ ability in writing were teacher’s factors (classroom management and teacher’s explanation) and students’  factors (students’ attention, participation and interest).

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