Dian Kurnia Widi Astuti


: The aim of this research is to develop English Vocabulary Learning Materials for Grade B learners of TK Negeri 1 Sleman. The materials were developed based on the theme used in the school and used “Dora the Explorer” animated TV series as the input texts. The materials are aimed to help instructors to introduce English to the students in TK Negeri 1 Sleman. This research is classified into Research and Development (R&D). The research subjects were the 6 instructors from LCI. This research was conducted through the following steps i.e. 1) conducting the needs analysis, (2) writing course grid, (3) writing the first draft, (4) getting expert judgment, and (5) writing the final draft. The instruments used in this research were the needs analysis questionnaire to identify their target needs and learning needs, and the expert evaluation questionnaire which was used to assess the appropriateness of the developed materials. The data from the needs analysis were analyzed quantitatively using frequency and percentage and the data obtained from the materials evaluation were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The developed materials consist of six units and thirty activities in total. Each unit consists of three parts of learning activities i.e. 'Let's Start', 'Let's study', and 'Let's Practice'. Based on the expert judgment result, the mean score of all aspects was 3.93, categorized as "Very Good". This suggests that the developed materials are appropriate to be used for the English extracurricular activity in TK Negeri 1 Sleman.


Keywords: vocabulary learning, English materials, Kindergarten

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