Febrian Chesararum Pradita


The objectives of this study were: (1) to find out the needs of Grade X students of the senior high school in terms of the educational video game in reading context, (2) to find out the objectives of the educational reading video game for Grade X students of the senior high school, and (3) to find out the appropriate development of educational reading video game for Grade X students of the senior high school. This is a Research and Development (R&D) study. The subjects of the study were the grade X students of SMA N 5 Yogyakarta Class X Science 4 and Social 1 that consisted of 40 female and 16 male students. The research procedure was adapted from ADDIE model proposed by Taylor (2004), consisted of conducting needs analysis, designing and developing the first draft of video game, getting expert judgment to evaluate the first draft, and produce the final draft. The instruments were needs analysis and expert judgment questionnaire­­. The needs analysis data were analyzed quantitatively using frequency and percentage and the results were used as the bases to develop the video game. The quantitative data from the expert judgment were analyzed through descriptive statistics while the comments and suggestions were used to revise the first draft to be the final product of the video game. The results of the analysis of the needs showed that (1) the students prefer the materials to be presented by additional materials rather than the adapted textbook; they most likely to prefer educational video game with instructions at the beginning of each stage; they liked some enemies or opponents appear to challenge them in the game; they liked the background to be pastel colored; the font used that they prefered was Calibri; the answer key was needed sometimes and the back sound in educational video game was needed; (2) the product can be used as a various media in teaching reading in order to motivating students learn English especially improving their reading skill since they were accustomed to playing video games; and (3) the result of the expert judgment proved that the video game was appropriate. The mean score for the video game was 3.4 which was categorized as “Good”.


Keywords: materials, video game, reading

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