Improving Speaking Skill Using Word Wall Media for Weda Regional State Prosecution Staff Year 2016

Dwi Prihantono Jati Sugito, Agus Widyantoro


This study was aimed to improve the speaking skill of Weda Regional State Prosecution staff using Word Wall Media in 2016. This study was categorized as action research. The data were collected in two forms, qualitative and quantitative data. The subjects were Weda Regional State Prosecution staff. The qualitative data were collected by observing the teaching and learning process and interviewing the learners and the head of Weda Regional State Prosecution. The quantitative data were gained by conducting pretest, mid test and posttest for the learners. The data from the observation and interview were analyzed by making qualitative descriptions while the data from the tests were analyzed by comparing the mean of the learners’ speaking scores. The five validities used were democratic, outcome, process, catalytic and dialogic validities. The study results show that the learners’ speaking skills improved by using Word Wall Media. There were five aspects of speaking skill assessed, namely pronunciation and intonation, fluency, grammar, vocabulary and interaction. From those five aspects, the most significant improvement was in vocabulary (37.5%) and interaction (37.5%) aspects while the lowest improvement was in the fluency aspect (22.5%).


Keywords: English, legal, speaking skill, Word Wall Media

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