Alvi Anti, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Akbar K. Setiawan, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia


This research aims to describe the deconstruction of islamic teachings through the binary oppositions in Rafik Schami’s “Das Geheminis des Kalligraphen”. This research used the posmodernism approach with the theory of deconstruction of Jacques Derrida. Data were collected through reading and note-taking. The Data were analysed through deconstructive analysis technique. The validity of this research was semantic validity and expert judgement. The reliability was interrater and intrarater reliability. The main instrument of this study was the researcher herself (human instrument). The study showed that, in this novel, the islamic teachings were deconstructed through five binary oppositions, which are: (1) the old version of the Arabic alphabet and the new version of the Arabic alphabet, the old version of the Arabic alphabet that meant here is the current version of Arabic that contains 29 letters, (2) The old Arabic language system and the new Arabic language system, the old Arabic language system that meant here is the current Arabic language system, (3) the men’s superiority and the women’s inferiority, the superiority and the inferiority that meant here is especially the struggle of the equality between men and women, the women were inferiored in the Syrian culture, especially in the field of education and work, (4) the same-religion-marriage and the non-same-religion-marriage, the samereligion- marriage is able only for Muslims, in the opposite of this is the the non-same-religion-marriage, this happens between Muslim and Catholic, (5) heterosexual and homosexual, heterosexual is the sexual orientation to the opposite sex and homosexual is the sexual orientation to the same sex.

Keywords: deconstruction, islamic teachings, novel



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