Agustinus Dimas Tatag Prihandono, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia


The aim of this research was to describe the following issues, (1) The plot, character, background and the point of view issues in the short story of Heinrich Böll, “Die Postkarte”, (2) The connection between intrinsic elements. An objective approach has implemented in this research. The object of this research was a short story of Heinrich Böll. The data has analyzed using descriptive qualities with reading and note taking technique. The validity of the data obtained by semantic validity and supported by validity study of expert judgment. Reliability that used in this research was intrarater and interrater reliability.The results of this result are, (1) Description of plots: everything that happened in the past is the beginning of the story, first half time with Bruno become the peak of tension or conflict and the second half time with Bruno become the completion of the problem or conflict. Description of each character: Bruno (cherish, loving, visionary and humble), Mutter (diligent, loving, sentimental and friendly), Briefträger (diligent). Description of the story background: (a) Time setting: The main character is described as being in mature phase and happened in one day, (b) Location setting: Bruno’s bedroom, dining room and cinema. Description of the author's point of view: Using the first person point of view where the author becomes a main character in this story (ich). (2) Connection between intrinsic values of the story, where theme, character time and location stetting as well as the point of view shows a structure that influences each other and cannot separated from eachother.

Keyword : Srtucturalism

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