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This research employs the sociolinguistic approach in investigating address terms used by the characters in Pygmalion. It aims to identify the types, functions, and social factors of address terms. It was conducted by employing the descriptive qualitative research method; thus, the discussion was presented in a descriptive way.  Meanwhile, the quantitative data were used to strengthen the findings and to help draw inferences. The data were in the form of utterances spoken by the characters of Pygmalion. The results show that firstly, all types of address terms are used by the characters, with first name as the most dominant. The scenes in the movie mostly take place at home which do not require formal use of language. Secondly, the function of address terms used dominantly is to show respect. Thirdly, the social factors of address terms that commonly affect the characters in using certain types of address terms are degree of intimacy.


Keywords: address terms, Pygmalion, sociolinguistics

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