Dieuwertje Hulda S Kapitarauw


Verbal humor particulary in movie is difficult to define clearly because humor is more about

interpretation it analyzes the humor in movie based on the situational context and also the utterance told by the characters. In analyzing the humor and the translated text, this research focuses on the categorization of verbal humor and the translated text, this research focuses on the categorization of verbal humor, the application of subtitling strategies. This research employs a descriptive qualitative research. The data of this research were collected manually from the movie Epen Cupen (No Tipu Tipu). The main instrument of this research is the researcher herself and the second instrument is the data sheets. The data were categorized based on some theories. The first theory is verbal humor theory proposed by spanakaki (2007) and the second one is subtitling strategies theory propesed by hurt,widler,(1998). To achieve data trustworthiness, the data sheets were repeatedly checked by the research and some peers and the result were discussed with the consultants. The result of this research shows that there are three kinds of verbal humor found in Movie Epen Cupen. Those are Wordplay and Allusion and Verbal Irony. Allusion appears most often to amuse the audience. There are ten subtitling strategies the translator applied in translating the verbal humor dialogues. They are expansion, paraphrase, transfer, imitation, transcription, condensation, decimation, deletion, resignation. Out of 45 data, paraphrase strategy on subtitling is mostly used.


Keywords: verbal humor, subtitling, movie epen cupen, kinds of verbal humor, subtitling strategies


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