Ahmed Saad Al-Khulaib,


The study seeks to examine the linguistic phenomena of schizophrenia suffered by Nathaniel Ayers,

the main character in Joe Wright’s The Soloist. The research objectives are threefold, i.e. (1) to identify the verbal features of disorganized speeches, (2) to reveal the non-verbal features manifested through peculiar behaviours, and (3) to show to what extent the verbal and non-verbal features may take place simultaneously. Using qualitative method, data were in the form of utterances and behaviours produced by the schizophrenic, Nathaniel Ayers, in Joe Wright’s The Soloist. The data sheet was the instrument of this research. Finally, to achieve research validity, investigator triangulation was applied. The results of this research are described as follows. First, six types of disorganized speeches are found in the movie, i.e. perseveration, illogicality, derailment, tangentiality, poverty of speech, and thought blocking. Second, five peculiar behaviours are revealed, i.e. aggression, shyness, excessive crying, meaningless hand motion, and meaningless laughter. Third, the schizophrenic undergoes three kinds of deviance in verbal and non-verbal features simultaneously. They are perseveration and aggression, illogicality and  aggression, and perseveration  and  shyness.  This indicates that the abnormal performances of the schizophrenic could be either in the form of utterances and/or behaviours as his problematic perceptions influence deviant productions.


Keywords: schizophrenia, disorganized speeches, peculiar behaviours, Joe Wright’s The Soloist.


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