Mardhotillah Mardhotillah Yassah


The  research is a qualitative descriptive study  which aims  to describe  the
implementation of an authentic assessment in Indonesian learning. The description of the
implementation of  the  authentic assessment includes a description planning of  the
authentic assessment, and the models  of the  authentic  assessment carried out  by  an
Indonesian teacher.
It ia a naturalistic research because the reaseach was done in a natural condition.
According to the type of research,the data were taken from observation, interviews, the
students’ documents and the teachers’ documents analyzed and recorded as complete and
objective as possible. The subjects were the teachers and the students of X MIA 3 class
and IIS X class of SMA Negeri 8 Yogyakarta.  
The  results showed that teachers have been implementing  the  authentic
assessment in Indonesian learning in accordance with the curriculum implemented at the
school. The planning of the authentic assessment of  Indonesian learning arranged in the
lesson plan.  The lesson plan of the teacher is used as  a guidance  to implement the
authentic assessment.  The implementation of  the  authentic assessment in Indonesian
learning is not in accordance with the lesson plan. Nevertheless, the implementation of
authentic assessment worked well. It was proved by the various valuation models used
by teachers. Teachers adjusted the implementation of the assessment to according to the
classroom conditions and the material taught. In the assessment of attitudes competence,
the teachers used observations during the learning process in various models of activities.
In the assesment of knowledge competency,  the  teachers  used  a written assessment
model.  In the assesment of skill competency,  the teachers used  the models  product
assessment,  the  peer assessment,  the  performance  assessment, and  the  open-ended

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