Dinda Dinda Ayesha


This research aims to improve the discussion text writing skills by using the
media diorama in class VIII-5 SMPN 8 Yogyakarta. Media diorama is one of the
visual media that can describe a real situation of an event in a mock-up.
  The method used a Class Action Research by taking VIII-5 students of SMPN
8 Yogyakarta as subject. The research was conducted in academic year 2014/2015,
starting in March 2015 until April 2015. The discussion text writing skills measured
by the percentage of writing discussion text achievement scores. Procedures for
implementing the research was conducted in two cycles. Implementation of the action
on the second cycle is more emphasis on those aspects which have not been optimal
in the first cycle. Data collection techniques such as observation, questionnaires,
interviews, tests, field notes, and documentation of the learning activities in the form
of photographs. The success criteria of the action is enhacement in the process and
the results of students discussions text writing skills using the media diorama. The
success of the process seen from the increased enthusiasm and attitude of the students
in the following study. Success writing skills measured by achievement scores
aspects of discussion text writing skills with a score of 80.
  The results were obtained by the achievement percentage of the process and
the results need to be considered in writing the discussion text on each cycle. Quality
improvement process is based on observations of the various teachers and students
roles in learning to write discussions text using the media diorama from the first cycle
to the second cycle. The learning process by using media diorama can enhance
students to understand the discussion text. Improved discussion text writing skills
results can be viewed by the students pre action test results with an average score of
53.94, the first cycle with an average score of 66.25 and the second cycle an average
score of 85.15. The pre action to the first cycle discussion text writing skills scores
has increased to 12.31 and increased scores from the first cycle to the second cycle is
18.90. Observed from the qualitative frequency of students scores in each cycle has
quite good increased. Thus, it can be concluded that the use of the media diorama can
improve the class VIII-5 SMPN 8 Yogyakarta discussion text writing skills.

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