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This study aims to describe the early teachers on initial attitude
development planning textbook  reading skills , and to determine the benefits of
textbooks used by teachers on reading skills , as well as to know the initial experience
of students using the textbook reading skills as a handbook of students in activities
teaching and learning in the classroom.
This research uses a Research and Development (R & D) . Development is
done by reference to 10 stages of Borg and Gall simplified into five stages items,
namely (1) a preliminary study, (2) planning  the manufacture of the product, (3)
validation of the product, (4)  the revision of the products, (5) limited dissemination .
The Data Obtained through observation, interviews, questionnaires, and the
validation sheet. Data on observations and interviews were Analyzed degan
techniques qualitative data to the analysis while the analysis of the questionnaire and
sheet validation steps include  : changing the qualitative the data into quantitative,
tabulation of all the Data Obtained in the sub  -  components, calculate the average
score, and changing the score of the rat into categories .
Results of this study in the form of book-Based Learning Approach
PORPE Reading Skills for Students of vocational schools and textbooks Class X. It
consists of three parts, namely the introduction, part of the contents and additional
parts. The introduction consists of cover, preface, contents Standard 2013 KI and KD
read the high school level Class X, and a table of contents. Content section consists of
5 units of lessons: (1) understand the text anecdotes, (2) understand the  text
exposition, (3) understand the text of the report on the observation, (4) understand the
text complex procedures, (5) understand the negotiating text. While the additional
section in the form of book learning, practice questions, examples of steps to
understand the text with PORPE strategy, a glossary, and bibliography. Results
validation expert lecturers, teachers, and student responses indicate that the products
developed are included in the category of extremely fit for use. The average value of
scores obtained, the content aspect is the feasibility 4.56, 91.2%, presenting aspects
of obtaining an average score of 4.61 with the feasibility level of 92.2%, is the
linguistic aspect 4.72 feasibility level 94 , 4%, and aspects kegrafikaan obtain an
average score of 4.72 eligibility rate 94.4%.
Keywords : development, textbooks, reading skills, strategies PORPE


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