Ana Masruroh Ana


The aims of this reseach are (1) describe the sample through writing short
story in Junior High School and describe the evaluation of teachers and students
to short story’s material in the text book of Indonesian language lesson, (2)
develop the learning modul through writing short story  based on experience
(experiential learning)  for Junior High School students, (3) describe the
properness og learning modul through writing short story  based on experience
(experiential learning) for Junior High School students.
This research and studies refer to 10 steps of Borg an Gall that are
simplified to 3 steps, they are research and collect the information, planning of
product making, and product development. Data are collected by  sharing the
questionnaire, interview, study of text book, validation of product, and students
pretest. Data of interview and text book studies are analyzed using qualitative
method, whereas questionnaire analysis, validation of product, and students
pretest have steps include: change the qualitative data to quantitative data, tabulate
the whole data result to each aspect, count the mean score to the category.
The result of the research shows that (1) students till get difficulties in
writing short story, especially in finding idea. Text book that used are still
monotonous whether through presentation or exercise. The development of
learning material is needed, (2) modul that is develop entitled “Mari Menulis
Cerpen!”. the modul consist of three part, they are the introduction of short story,
writing motivation,  and the application of experiential learning through writing
short story. Whereas, the result of learning validation from the expert, indonesian
language teacers, and student’s pretest show that content aspect gets score 4,49 as
categorized “excellent”, language aspect gets scores 4,66 as categorized
“excellent, presentation aspect gets scores 4,68 as categorized “excellent, and
graphic aspect gets scores 4,71 as categorized “excellent, (3) learning modul gets
4,63 as the end result and categorized as “excellent with its properness level
92,6% and admitted really proper to be used.
Keywords: development, learning modul, writing short  story, experiential
learning, Junior High School students.

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