Dyah Pratiwi Dyah


The objective of this research is (1) to describe the learning concept for
appreciation of short stories and fables in junior high  school; (2) to define the
application and employment of learning textbook for short stories and fables
learning in junior high school; (3) to develop learning module in appreciation of
short stories and fables based on synectic model for student of junior high school.
This research and development was made based on research design of
Borg & Gall, and it has been simplified became three measures, they are (1) study
and collection of information, (2) planning of the textbook creation, and (3)
development of product. Collection of information was conducted by deploying
inquiries, interview, and reviewing the learning textbook. The validity test was
conducted by a material expert, and three Indonesian teachers. The assessment of
student was obtained from thirty students at 8th
 grade. Data of validity results and
student assessment was provided from inquiries of assessment with Likert scale.
There are results  of the research.  First, learning in appreciation  short
stories and fables has  good process but not enough  maximal. Phase of
appreciation learning is up to the phase of feeling, imagining, thinking, and
creating. Appreciation learning is still centered at the materials of learning
textbook. Second, learning textbook became the main source in learning activities.
The study results showed that a weakness in the textbook there are no instruction
how to use the textbook,  summary, not a great length enough content, the
submission not help creative and imagination enough  for student. The developed
module contains of three parts, they are the description of materials, exercises,
and evaluations. The submission of module based on utilization of analogy in
synectic model. Validity result is from material expert, Indonesian teacher, and
student assessment, we obtain average of these  aspect of  content, submission,
language, and graphic are 4.10 which have “good” category with feasibility level
is 82%.  
Keywords:  appreciation of short stories and fables, module, development,
synectic model.

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