Irenius Gonsalves Gae, Akbar K Setiawan


This research aims to describe: (1) the element of plot, character, setting, and (2) point of view in Roman Der Prozess by Franz Kafka and the relationship between the intrinsic elements in the Roman Der Prozess by Franz Kafka. This research uses objective Approach with structural Theory by Reinhard Marquaß. The data source of this research is the roman Der Prozess by Franz Kafka which published in 1925 in Berlin by Die Schmiede Verlag.The data has analyzed using descriptive qualities with reading and noting technique.The data reliability uses intrarater and interrater reliability.The result of this research were: (1) description of the plot elements: Initial situation, peak tension and the settlement of the problem. Description of figure elements: Josef K.(responsible, immoral, discipline, time, etc.), Miss Bürstner (hardworking, friendly, immoral,and kind), Leni (kind, flirty, wily,and immoral), Uncle Albert ( loves the family, kind, and criti), and Titorelli (trustworthy, kind, and wily). Description of background elements: location setting: the place that show the event (Josef K’s apartment, court rooms, in an apartment, Bank, etc.), the place that show the character (a warehouse in the Bank, Workspace of Josef K., miss Bürstner rooms, etc.), the place that show the character feel (an apartment on the Julius street, Bank, and lawyer office), and the place that show the symbol (a porterhouse, a wine tavern, depot, and a former mining area), and background time: time of the day (one day, every day closer to eight in the morning, sunday, etc.), time of the year (spring, winter, twenty years, etc.), phase life of main character (Josef K. anniversary thirtieth and thirty-one). Description viewpoint author uses the third person perspective (Er). (2) The relationship between intrinsic elements: As an interplay of structure and can not be separated from each other.

Keywords : Analysis, Roman, Structuralism



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