Ninik Inayah, Akbar Kurniadi Setiawan


This study aims to describe (1) the intrinsic elements including the plot characterization, setting and theme (2) the relationship between the intrinsic elements. The data source of this study is the novel Träume Wohnen Überall written by Carolin Phillips And published by Verlag Carl Überreuter, Wien, 2006. The data was gained through qualitative descriptive analysis techniques. The validity of the data was achieved through the semantic validity; interrater reliability and intrater; and it was also reinforced by Expert-Judgement validity. The results of this study are (1) The storyline that consists of 40 sequences has a clear causality or logical relation. Characterizations includes a main character Sandale and 32 additional characters. Sandale is  strong and doesn’t like weakness, very firm, loving, helper, and has a sincere love.   Sandale as the main characters depictes through his relationship with 32 additional characters in this novel.  Settings of place are divided by the functions of the events, moods, the characters and a symbol. Settings of place that show where  the scene of the events happen are such as pit canals, shelters St. Lazarus, farm kids, cafes and restaurants. Settings of place that show moods  are hole channels, stations, farm children, shelters St. Lazarus, hospital. Settings of place show  the characters are shelters St Lazarus and Station. Settings of place which show a symbol are hole channels, shelters St. Lazarus, cafe and restaurant, Servus room or chapel, the center of the city and the palace.  Settings of time show what day, what year and what is the characters’ pace of life and history. Settings of time that show the daily times are day, morning, yesterday, at eleven and weeks.  Settings of time that show yearly times are every year, half a year and that year. Settings of time that show the characters’ pace of life are childhood and adolescence. Settings of time that show the history is 1900s which tells the story about the dictatorship of the Romans leader, Ceauseccu in that time .  Social background refers to the lower social class (street children). The theme is love and togetherness. (2) The intrinsic elements are intertwined and inseparable.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21831/10.21831/TLv1i1


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