Rinaldi Seira Yuanda


The purpose of this research is to describe (1) heuristics reading, (2) expression of implicitness: displacing of meaning, distorting of meaning, creating of meaning, (3) hermeneutics reading, (4) matrix, model, variance and (5) poem hypogram of “Deutschland”. Data source of this study is verses from “Deutschland”, a poem written by Bertolt Brecht. The data is obtained by observation, heuristics and hermeneutics reading. The research is descriptive qualitative analysis appliying analysis method and using riffaterrs semiotics approach. The data reliability uses intrarater and interrater reliability. The results of this research is (1) Heuristics reading shows that Deutschland as a mother, who pale-faced and lost her prestige, due to the bad behavior of her children. (2) expression of implicitness is, a) displacing of meaning conveyed by metaphor, metonymy, personification, allegory, simile, and sinekdoke. b) distorting of meaning conveyed by ambiguity. c) creating of meaning conveyed by enjambement. (3) Hermeneutics reading shows that the meaning of this poem is ruination of Germany, due to ambition of the government. (4) Poem Matrix is ruination of Germany. Poem models is Deutschland. Varian shows in verse 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9. Hypograms of the poem is the sociale situation as Hitlers regime in Germany.

Keyword: Heuristics

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