Windi Rizkianti, Pratomo Widodo


This study aimed to describe (1) the form of the German collocations and their Indonesian equivalents, (2) the similarities and differences of German collocations and their Indonesian equivalents. This study is a descriptivequalitative study. The data were (1) linguistic units, which contained German collocations in Die Regenbogentruppe and (2) linguistic units, which contained the Indonesian equivalents of German collocations in Laskar Pelangi. The data were collected by using observation method (metode simak). The analyzis of the data used translational identity method (metode padan translasional) and distributional method (metode agih). The instrument of this study was the researcher herself (human instrument). The validity of the data were determined by using semantic and referential validity, furthermore the reliability of the data used intrarater and interrater reliability. The results of this study showed that (1) there were two types of German collocation and their Indonesian equivalents: lexical and grammatical collocations. The German collocations, which had the highest frequency in the data source, were (1) 272 data of adjective + noun combianation; (2) 170 data of noun + verb combination; (3) 126 data of verb + noun combination; (4) 48 data of noun + infinitive with ‘zu’ combination; (5) 46 data of verb + preposition + noun combination; (6)42 data of verb + adjective combination; (7) 33 data of preposition + noun + verb combination. The German collocations have many variations in Indonesian equivalents and not always have the same form in Indonesian, even in some cases their equivalents are considered as non-collocations.

Keywords: collocations, novel, German, Indonesian equivalents


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