Esa Meiana Palupi


Modernization Nederlandsch-Indie period occurred in the late 19th century and early 20th century embodied in the development of various fields. Modernization is the economic development that has a wide range, which includes changes in techniques, including economic and ecological which took place in the overall social networks and cultural. This process goes hand in hand with colonialism launched by the Nederlandsch-Indie government through the bureaucracy, administration, industrialization, and western education. This study reveals the general condition of Banyumas entered the reign of the Nederlandsch- Indie and the process of modernization and its influences through the study of social and economic development. Modernization  in Banyumas influenced by Agrarian Law and Ethical Policy. The process that takes place in this 1890-1942 period, marked by the expansion of plantations and the rise of the industrial sector

coupled   with   infrastructure   development.   This   process   is   related   to   the construction  of  the  colonial  city,  the  construction  of  roads  and  transport, irrigation, and electricity and education. Modernization in Banyumas affect the social life with the advent of modern elites are accompanied by social movements and lifestyle changes. Modernization also raises new economic centre related to the progress and setbacks in the area of Banyumas.


Key Words: Modernization, Banyumas, Socio Economic

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