Designing a Set of KTSP-Based English Instructional Materials for Students of Grade X of SMKI Yogyakarta

Farindo Reska Jenar


The objectives of the study were: (1) to find out the target needs and the learning needs of the students of grade X of SMK1 Yogyakarta, and (2) to develop a set of KTSP-Based English instructional materials for the students of grade X of SMK1 Yogyakarta. This was a research and development (R & D) study. The subjects were Grade X students of SMK1 Yogyakarta Class X A and X B that consisted of 8 female and 22 male students. This research was conducted by following Jolly and Bolithos’s model in Tomlinson (1998) with some modification. The first step was needs analysis done by distributing questionnaires to the students. The result of the needs analysis was the basis for developing a course grid. The course grid was used as the guideline to develop the KTSP-Based English instructional materials. The data from the needs analysis were analyzed quantitatively using frequency and percentage and the quantitative data obtained from the expert judgment were analyzed through descriptive statistics.The results of the needs analysis showed that the students needed materials for the  grade X of SMK1 Yogyakarta which were attractive, interesting and related to their daily life. Therefore, this study developed six units of materials. Each unit consists of Greeting and Parting, Introducing Yourself and Others, Simple Expression I, Simple Expression II, Description and Memos and Invitation activities with tasks focusing on daily conversation on formal and casual situation.

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