Dhian Kartika Dewi


the objective to describe the conceptual metaphor language categories, the mapping between the realms of conceptual metaphor and image schemas of conceptual metaphor on the rubric Pagelaran Djaka Lodhang magazine. The types of this research is descriptive research. This research datas are words and sentences in rubric Pagelaran of Djaka Lodhang magazine that contain metaphor. the data source in this research is rubric Pagelaran of Djaka Lodhang magazine in January 2013 until December 2013. The research instruments that used are data card and data analysis table as a mapping table between the realms of conceptual metaphor. The datas collected by reading and noting carefully. How to analyze the datas is using descriptive analysis, which describe the datas according to the categories that have been determined, then analized it based on the context in the text of Pagelaran section of Djaka Lodhang magazine. Then the way to validate datas using semantic validity and intra-rater reliability. The results of this research are: (1)mapping categories between the realms of conceptual metaphor, they are; (a) RAOS ING MANAH menika TOYA, (b) MANAH menika GRIYA – RAOS menika TAMU, (c) RAOS AWON menika PENYAKIT, (d) MANAH menika PANCADRIYA, (e) NAPSU menika KEWAN TUNGGANGAN, (f) NAPSU menika GENI, (g) TUMINDAK menika TANEMAN, (h) TUMINDAK menika DOL-TINUKU, (i) PIKIRAN saha BATOS menika GAMAN, (j) POCAPAN menika GAMAN, (k) NGELMU menika CAHYA, (l) NGELMU menika TANEMAN, (m) GESANG menika LELUNGAN,  (n) GESANG menika LAMPAH, (o) GESANG menika SANDIWARA, (p) PERKAWIS menika TALI,  (q) SEDHIH menika NGANDHAP – BUNGAH menika NGINGGIL, (r) AWON menika PETENG – SAE menika PADHANG, saha (s) WEKDAL menika WADAH; (2) image schemas of conceptual metaphor, they are: (a) Force schema (skema daya)  and (b) containment schema (skema wadhah)

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