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     This study contains five objectives of the research. The research was aimed: (1) to explain the description of the manuscript Syiir Sêkar Mêlati (2) to make the Latin text transliteration of SSM, (3) to make the text edits of SSM, (4) to make the translation text of SSM, and (5) to explain in death contained in the text of SSM. The method that used in this research was modern philology and descriptive research. The modern philology research method was used to examine the manuscript with the title Syiir Sekar Melati. The research data sourceswere the SSM transcript from private collection of Mr. Slamet. Mr. Slamet was the student of Madrasah Diniah Mahadud Tauhid Kragan Rembang in 1986. Data collection techniques in this research used Philology ways with a script, the text transliteration in the form of the Latin alphabet, the text editing by making the criticism apparatus, translation, and analysis of the text. Data analysis that used was descriptive analysis technique. The validity of the data was obtain by using semantic validity. The reliability was measured by using intrarater and interrater reliability. The results of the study were explained in five chapters. First, explainedthe transcript description of SSMthat still in good condition where its writing was clear and easy to read. Second, made the text transliteration by changing the writing Arabic script Pegon into Latin alphabet. Third, made the text editing, 27 edited words were found in the text of SSM. Fourth, made the translation of the text, and there were eight words that could not be translated that is written in the records of the translation. Fifth, the analysis of the SSM text described the circumstances of people in death according to Islam. Therefore, the chapter about in death was divided into two, namely, the people condition before in death and after death. The people condition before in death was divided into three sections, namely: (1) be tempted before in death, (2) mark in death, (3) do penance before in death. And then,the people conditionafter in death was divided into six sections, namely: (1) the soul can see his body and the family, (2) the lament soul when it will be washed, (3) the lament soul when their bodies would be was shrouded, (4) the lament soul when his body was taken to the cemetery, (5) the lament soul when his body escorted to the cemetery, and (6) the lament soul when it buried.

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