Yuswita Yekti Andriyani


The research discusses about the implicature of Rama’s Pearching in Eucharist Mass. The research is kind of descriptive which has purpose for; 1) describing the form of narrative in Pearching, 2)describing the implicature in Pearching, and 3) describing implicature meaning in the pearching.

The research only focuses on the narrative and unreal meaning on Rama’s Pearching in Mass. The technical of collecting data in this research are recording technique, keep eye open free technique (SBLC) and note technique. Data analyzed by pragmatic technique, which is describing the configuration of narrative and unreal meaning also the implicature of Rama’s Pearching in Mass. Legalization technique of data that used in this research is semantic validity and reliability. Validity which use is semantic validity and the review of the specialist, whereas reliability which use is, stability reliability.

The research shows that the configuration of narrative which is containing implicature in Pearching, those are; news sentence, command sentence, and question sentence. Implicature that found in this research were; implicature of reminding, implicature of notification, implicature of command, implicature of hope, implicature of allurement, and implicature of prohibition. Implicature that found in news sentence: a) Implicature of reminding: (1) implicature of reminding to action, (2)implicature of reminding to vigilant; b)implicature of notification: (1) implicature of notification live of faith, (2) implicature notification of faith; c) implicature of command; d) implicature of hope. Implicature that found incommand sentence: a) implicature of prohibition; b) implicatureof command: (1) implicatureof command to action, (2) implicaturecommand of faith; c) implicature of notification; d) implicature of allurement; e) implicature of hope. Implicature that found inquestion sentence: a) implicature of command: (1) implicature command to action, (2) implicature command to faith; b) implicature of notification: (1) implicature of notification to action, (2) implicature notification of faith.

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