Kunthi Nawaruci, Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Jawa, Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Indonesia


The objectives of this research were to: (1) explain the inventory of Ngèlmi Pangrucat manuscript, (2) explain the description of Ngèlmi Pangrucat manuscript and text, (3) displaying the transcription text of Ngèlmi Pangrucat, (4) displaying the transliteration text of Ngèlmi Pangrucat, (5) displaying the editing result text of Ngèlmi Pangrucat, (6) displaying the translation result of the text of Ngèlmi Pangrucat, and (7) explain the contents of Ngèlmi Pangrucat text.This research used philology and descriptive research method. The data source of this research was the manuscript. Techniques to collect data in this research using a step of philology research they were making inventory of the manuscript, describing the manuscript, transcripting, transliterating, editing, translating, and analyzing the content of the text. The technique of analysis the data was descriptiveanalysis. The technique of passed the data was semantics validity, intrarater and interater reliability.There were five points of the findings proposed in this research. First, it was found two copies printed manuscripts. Second, the manuscript of Ngèlmi Pangrucat was still intact and in a good condition, the writing was easy to be read. Third, the text transcription was doing by writing again the text used Javanese script handwriting by used diplomatic transcription method. Fourth, the text transliteration was doing by altered the text into Latin script based on the existing rules using a standard transliteration method. Fifth, the text editing used standard editing, and made apparatus described criticism. Sixth, the text translation used literal, content, and free translation methods. Seventh, the contents of Ngèlmi Pangrucat text were six contents, they were (1)definition of pangrucat, (2) the difference of pangrucat and pangracut, (3) pangrucat’s levels, (4) the basic to do  pangrucat science, (5) steps to do pangrucat science, and (6) the perfect of life.

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