Endri Gushartadi



The aim of this research was to describe the semantic analysis of the name of  tourist attractions in Bantul. This research discusses the basic naming and meaning of the tourist attraction’s name  inBantul. This research uses qualitative research descriptive nature. Sources of data obtained from the Department of Culture and Tourism of Bantul and from the document. The way  of collect data in this research by observation, interview, and documentation.The way of  analyze the data used in this research is descriptive analysis. The results of this study explains 5 basis for the name of tourist attractions in Bantul, there are ; nature, place, inventors and creators, likeness, shortening. The mention of specific nature, the basis of naming sites , mention of the specific nature travel, it still means the name based on the typical tourist tour, every tourist spot and the other one has different characteristics. The place, the basic naming tourist attractions of the place or tourist sites, tourist place name means the same as  name of the village was located, because the name of the tour was same as the place or location of village. Inventor or creator, the basic nomenclature, the naming sites of inventor or creator, means that the name of inventor or travel by the travel maker. Similarities, basic namin of sites of travel similarities, it still means the name of a tour by one of the similarity objects or beings that exist in the location, but one tourist attractions is different with other tourist attractions. Shortening, basic naming of shortening the travel sites,  shortening names  of sites means that some abbreviated words into one word to facilitate the member name of the tourist attractions.


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