Herika Puspita Wahyuningsih


This study has seven objectives of the research as follows: (1) revealing the storing of the manuscript, (2) revealing the physical condition of the manuscript, (3) writing the transcript of the manuscript, (4) writing the transliteration of the manuscript, (5) making the editing of the manuscript, (6) translating the manuscript, and (7) delivering the content of the manuscript. This study was a descriptive and modern philology study. The result of the study shows that the manuscript of Serat Jitapsara is stored at Dewantara Kirti Griya Library Museum with Bb.1.112 as the code number and still intact. The transcription method of the study is diplomatic transcription method. The transliteration method of the study is standard transliteration method. The editing method of the study standard editing method. The text is translated literally, meaning-oriented, and free translation. The content of the manuscript is: discussing the meaning of jitapsara; the bloodline of Sayid Anwar; the creation of Adam; the creation of amun-amun, etc.; the creation of the moon, the stars and the sun; the creation of cloud; the creation of sea; seven things on the earth; three things on the sky; humans, animal, spirit, etc.; the story of At Hama and Siti Kawa; things that prevent danger; food that gives power; things that are innate to humans; kinds of meat that allowed to be eaten and not; the benefits and dangers of meat; the benefits and dangers of fruit; and the knowledge concerning the religion of the gods.

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