Siti Muarifah Ahmad, Prodi Pend Bahasa Jawa FBS UNY, Indonesia


This research to explain about discourse at  instagram’s account with the critical paradigm of Van Dijk’s method. The purposes of this researh to describe the theme and message of discourse at the instagram’s account @bijakjawa.

This research is qualitative research. The datas of the research from instagram’s account @bijakjawa. The datas are discourse of Javanese language. The datas researched by content analysis method with critical discourse by Van Dijk. Critical discourse analysis by Van Dijk is the method of critical discourse analysis with social kognition from the language are used on the discourse. The discourse at instagram’s account @bijakjawa collected by downloaded images contain Javanese discourse from the instagram’s account @bijakjawa. After this, the discourse analysised by content analysis method. The validity an reliability diuji with content validity with expert judgement and reliabilitas intrarater.

The results of this research are theme and message from the discourse. The themes found are three, social themes, religious themes, and romance themes. Discourse messages found according to the content of the discourse. The same messages are categorized so as to produce the general messages. The general messages in the social discourse are requisite to live peacefully, realize the ambition, act in a manner, act with sincerity, to judgement on others, act with humble, and optimism. The religious discourse contains five general message, they are doing the God’s command, realize the ambition, submit to God, alert, and be grateful. The romance discourse contains three general messages, they are love with sincerity, act either, and realize the ambition

Keywords: discourse, critical discourse analysis, instagram’s account

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