Intan Ade Riyani, Prodi Pend Bahasa Jawa FBS UNY, Indonesia


This research had seven goals. Those were to: (1) inventorying Ngèlmi Pirasat manuscript, (2) describe Ngèlmi Pirasat manuscript, (3) create a transliteration of Ngèlmi Pirasat script, (4) create the text transcription of Ngèlmi Pirasat script, (5) create the paraphrase of Ngèlmi Pirasat script, (6) create an editing of Ngèlmi Pirasat script, and (7) explain the content of Ngèlmi Pirasat script.

This research used a descriptive-philology research method. The descriptive research method was used to elucidate the physical condition of Ngèlmi Pirasat manuscript systematically and objectively. Meanwhile, the philology research method was used to scrutinize the script of Ngèlmi Pirasat. The data source of this research was the script of Ngèlmi Pirasat, a collection of Dewantara  Kirti Griya Museum Library. The data were then collected by using the procedure of philology research that consists of the step of inventorying the script, describing the script and the text, transcripting and transliterating the text, creating the translated version of the text and analyzing the text. The validity criterion used was semantic validity. Meanwhile, the reliability used was intra-rater and inter-rater reliability.

There were seven chapters as the results of this research. Firstly, based on a catalog study and a direct observation, the script of Ngèlmi Pirasat wasfound in Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum Library. Secondly, the script of Sêrat Ngèlmi Pirasatwas in a good condition. It was found out that even though several pages had been torn, the script was still readable contextually. Thirdly, based the result of diplomatic transliterasting was found specially of spelling on repeatition phrase, words written with double letters, writing letters k into g letters, and writing letters t into d letters. Fourth, based the result of diplomatic transcripting was found a pair of characters hå, så, på which must be written in upper then written in lower, so eventually double lines written. Fifth, based the text editing by officers criticism was found ten words that may be edit. Sixth, based on the results paraphrase and translation of the text was found thirteen words that are difficult to translate, and then made by note of translation. Seventhbased of the explanation of content was found the good and bad characters of human. Then, there are nine of good caracters and ten of bad caracters. 


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