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            Barit Cowong Ceremonial is a prayer ceremonial to ask rain fall down on Gandaria Hamlet, Pekuncen Village–Kroya, Regency of Cilacap. Barit Cowong Ceremonial are cultural heritage that at this time still running continuity of some areas in Cilacap, in the attempt to preservation must be have required the participation of the community. This research is intended to determine a history and the course of the ritual procession Ceremonial Barit Cowong in Hamlet of Gandaria in generally from beginning to the end execution prossesion. The retrieving data is also intended for the documentation in written form, so as the folklore of barite Cowong Ceremony does not disappear, and the surrounding community participation are needed for continuing conservation of efforts Ceremonal Barit Cowong.

In this research, the method to used is a descriptive qualitative with primary data source from informant interviews. The secondary data source obtainable of documentation, internet and related research reports. Data collected by observation, interview, and documentation To the Validitas data using by Triangulation data.

The research result indicate that having a change in the Ceremony Barit Cowong that how to accompaniment is started there are elements of the gamelan,in  the past, the ceremony it was accompanied by the sounds of boisterous people only to sing “Sekar” Cowongan song without any instruments. The offerings are still general used as ritual offerings in the Java community in generally. In this ceremonial which is mostly followers of Islam Putihan, offerings are used only for symbolic to ancestor reverence without an element of worship of the unseen spirit. Cowong only used as an intercessor to God as result of tradition handed down by ancestor before them. For preservation efforts to save them back the doll after the ritual is finished, carry out the cleansing ceremony beginning of each calendar Sura, does not alter the implementation of the objectives is for rainy, so that prosperity returned after the soil dry during the dry season.


Keywords: Barit Cowong, rain caller, folklor


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