Yesi Permata Wardani, Prodi Pend Bahasa Jawa UNY, Indonesia


This study has 5 objectives: 1) describing the script of Sêrat Purwåkarånå, 2) transliterating Sêrat Purwåkarånå, 3) editing the script of Sêrat Purwåkarånå, 4) translating the script of Sêrat Purwåkarånå, and 5) describing the analysis of the life principle presented in Sêrat Purwåkarånå.

This study used filology research method and descriptive analysis method. The filology research method was used to figure out the script of Sêrat Purwåkarånå that is written in Javanese characters. On the other hand, the descriptive analysis method was used to describe the script of Sêrat Purwåkarånå objectively. The source of the data was the script of Sêrat Purwåkarånå that is stored in Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum, Yogyakarta. The data were collected through describing, transliterating, editing, and translating the script. The validity used was semantic validity while the reliability used was intraratter and interrater.

The results of the study were as follow. First, the script is in a good state and its pages are still intact. Second, in terms of script transliteration, there is a distinctive feature of the text in which there are four words that couldn’t be replaced. Third, in terms of text editing, there are 18 edited-words. Fourth, the language used in the script was translated into everyday language even though it has distinctive feature while the words that couldn’t be translated are 18. Last, for the analysis of the script’s content, there are three forms of life principles according to the text: having a virtuous mind, act appropriately, and be responsible. There are five values that are incorporated in the first life principle: vigilant, humble, responsible, honest, and fair. In terms of appropriate act, there are two values included which are right and obligation and fairness. The last principle only contains one values which is responsibility.

Keyword: filology analysis, life principles, Sêrat Purwåkarånå

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