Yamdari Yamdari


This paper describes the antonyms in anthology novelRembulan Ndadari. This studyexplains, 1) antonym form ,2) type of antonyms and 3) antonyms meaning contained in the anthology novel Rembulan ndadari. The research is included in descriptive research using descriptive method.The sources of data which is used in anthology novels titled‘Rembulan Ndadari’. The datas in this study is antonym pairs. The method tocollected datas in this study with the technique of reading and record. The way to analyze datas in this research use descriptive method. Those datas were analyzed by describing the form,type and meaning of antonym pairs. The Validity used is semantics validity. The reliability is used reliability stability. The results of this study describes a form of antonyms contained in the anthology novel RembulanNdadari which there are four,namely antonyms form of words, phrases manifestation antonyms, antonyms form clause, and antonyms form sentences.Furthermore, antonyms types found there are four types, namely the type binaryantonyms, antonyms type of gradual, antonyms type of Berjenjang, and antonyms special type. Antonyms form of words divided into four types, namely the type binary antonyms, antonyms type of gradual, antonyms type of berjenjang, and antonyms special type. Antonymsphrase forms are divided into three types, namely, type binaryantonyms, antonyms type of gradual and antonyms type of berjenjang. Antonyms clause forms found one type, namely the type of binary antonyms .Furthermore antonyms discovered a form of sentence types, namely the type of gradual antonyms. Antonym meaning in this study a grammatical meaning, so that the antonym meanings based on the context of the sentence.

 Keywords : Antonyms , Novel Anthology Rembulan Ndadari

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