Indra Dharmawan


This study has three goals, they are: the first goal is to describe the steps on creating learning media of sekar macapat Asmaradana on android mobile towards students of class VII of junior high school. The second goal is to describe the quality of the media according to assessments conducted by material expert and media expert lecturer. The third goal is to describe opinion of Javanese language subject teacher and the students of class VII toward the use of the media.

The research method used is Research and Development method. The steps done on the research are: analysis, creating the learning media designs, creating the learning media, validation, trying out the learning media, and the making of the last product. The data gathering technique uses questionnaire technique. The data is analyzed using descriptive analysis technique.

The result of the study shows that: (1) the steps of creating media is divided into 5 steps, they are; (a) curriculum analysis step, (b) the making of learning media design, (c) the making of story board on android mobile programming, (d) validation and trying out the media by asking for judgment from material and media expert lecturer until attained a good and appropriate learning media to be tried out in school. After being revised, based on the material and media experts’ judgments, the media is proposed to have assessed by Javanese language subject’s teacher and the students of junior high school, (e) the last step is attained after all the previous steps of learning media creation are done and the media product is ready to be used as alternative learning media for class VII of Junior High School. (2) the assessment of the media that have been conducted by material expert lecturer result in value of 85,4% that is being classified as “very good “ category, the assessment from media expert lecturer shows the value of 77,5% that is categorized as “good” category, and (3) the assessment conducted by Javanese Language teacher of Wates I State Junior High School, Kulon Progo District, result in the value of 92% which is categorized as “very good” category, the result of questionnaire from the students of class VII of Junior High School towards listening learning media of Macapat Asmaradana result in 83,2% which been categorized as “highly agreed”. The result of the research shows that this sekar macapat asmaradana learning media can be used as listening learning media of Sekar Macapat Asmaradana, and also can help students to learn on Sekar Macapat Asmaradana material.


Keywords: media, nyekar, Macapat, android mobile.

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