Lathifah Hamida


This research was aimed to describe the incomplete sentences in a novel entitled “Astirin Mbalela” written by Peni (Suparto Brata). The explanation of this sentence was described in terms of their structure, their kinds, and the word position in the imperfect sentences found in the novel. This was a descriptive based research. The data was collected using reading techniques and recording techniques. The data in this research were all imperfect sentences used in the novel. The tool in this research was analytical table assisted by data card and human instrument. The data were analyzed with reduction, tabulation, and inference. The data were also validated using the validity of triangulation theory or validity to check wether the data results in this study is correct by comparing data with theories that have been used. Furthermore, the reliability used was the reliability of stability. The results of this research were in the form of imperfect sentences in Novel Astirin Mbalela written by Peni (Suparto Brata). There were four types of imperfect sentences. They were sentences without a subject, sentences without predicate, sentences without subject and predicate, and sentences without function. The types of sentence was imperfect sentences in the novel Astirin Mbalela written by Peni (Suparto Brata) were question, command,  invitation,  parable,  hope, declarative, and  appeal. There were twenty three position of the words in the imperfect sentences in the novel. Meanwhile, the imperfect sentences without function does not have  word position.


Keywords: Imperfect Sentences, Novel Astirin Mbalela.

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