Onxy Alexander


This research has purpose to explain, (1) Ledhek grave history in Dukuh Punthuk Unggul Tunggulrejo Village, Jumantono Sub-district, Karanganyar Regency, (2) explain myth form at Ledhek grave in Dukuh Punthuk Unggul Tunggulrejo Village, Jumantono Sub-district, Karanganyar Regency, (3) also last explain the benefits of Myth in pasarean Ledhek in Dukuh Punthuk Unggul Tunggulrejo Village Jumantono District Karanganyar District. This research includes the type of qualitative research. The way used to collect data is by using participant observation, interviews, and documentation. The tool used to collect data is the researchers themselves and use other tools such as, digital camera to take pictures, voice recorder to record sound, as well as notebooks. The way is analyzed by way of inductive data analysis. The data is validated by means of triangulation. Triangulation used in this study triangulation source also triangulation method. The results of this study indicate that (1) the history of the grave ledhek according to the story that there is a woman whose job ledhek who has two girlfriends, then the three of them fight each other in the middle of the field near Punthuk Unggul hamlet, then a woman died. Then found by residents punthuk Unggul then treated also buried in Punthuk Unggul ranch. (2) the grave of the ledhek is populated by the community as a place of request, the public should not use anything from green silk, if it will have the event must send the conditions to the grave, can make the soil fertile, should not talk about the ugly about ledhek as well the last people believe that the spirit of mbok mas ledhek is attached to the body of Mrs. Sredek. (3) the benefits of such myths for Punthuk Unggul community are: a) Preserving the ancestral heritage, b) Life advice for Punthuk Unggul community, c) Cultural tour for the surrounding community, d) brings together the people of Punthuk Unggul dukuh.

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