Developing English Instructional Materials for the Eleventh Graders of TV Program and Broadcast Engineering Department at Vocational High School

Gesnia Ardiyani


The objectives of this research were 1) to find out the target and learning needs, and 2) to develop the appropriate English instructional materials for the eleventh graders of TV Program and Broadcast Engineering Department at SMK Negeri 1 Klaten based on Curriculum 2013. This R&D study followed the materials development process proposed by Jolly and Bolitho (1998) with some adaptation. Likert-scale questionnaires were used to collect the data of the needs analysis and materials evaluation. The data from the needs analysis and materials evaluation were analyzed quantitatively. The data from the interview were analyzed qualitatively. The research findings showed that the students’ goal of learning was to be able to communicate in both spoken and written English on purpose to have preparation to work in the broadcasting field after graduating from Vocational High School. They also needed topics and learning input in line with the study program. In the Project-based Learning, they preferred various tasks. There were three units of English instructional materials developed. Based on the results of expert judgment, the materials were categorized appropriate. The mean score was 3.94 which is in the range of “very good”.

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