The Use of Wall Charts to Improve Students Vocabulary Mastery at Grade IV Students at SD N Gambiranom in yhe Academic Year of 2015/2016

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah


This research aimed to improve the students’ vocabulary mastery at Grade IV of SD N Gambiranom through the use of wall charts in the academic year of 2015/2016. It was classified as action research. It was conducted, from February 18th, 2016 to March 17th, 2016 in two cycles in which each cycle consisted of two meetings. The procedures of each cycle were planning, action, observation, and reflection. The subjects of the research were 30 students of Class IV B of SD N Gambiranom. The data obtained during the research were in qualitative and quantitative forms. The qualitative data were acquired by interviewing the students and the collaborators, observing the teaching and learning process, and taking pictures of the teaching and learning process. Meanwhile, the quantitative data were collected from the results of students’ pre-test score and post-test score. The research showed that the use of wall charts was able to improve the students’ vocabulary mastery. Based on the qualitative data, the students were able to memorize the vocabulary and the meaning faster than before the action with the help of visual media in the wall charts. They were also able to pronounce the vocabulary properly and confidently. Besides, the students’ attitude towards teaching and learning process also improved since wall charts also enhanced the students’ interest in learning English. Based on the quantitative data, the students’ mean score improved. In Pre-test 1 and 2, the students’ mean score was 46 and 57, respectively. In Post-test 1, the score increased from 46 to 70.67. The mean score increased from 57 to 77.33 for the second Post-test.

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