Improving the Writing Skills of the 8th Grade Students of SMP Hamong Putera Ngaglik through the use of Dictogloss Techniquein the Academic Year of 2014/2015

Anindhita Yogasari, , Indonesia


The objective of this research was to improve the students’ writing skill of the second year of SMP Hamong Putera Ngaglik using dictogloss technique. This research involved the English teacher and the students of Grade VIII A in the academic year of 2014/2015. The data were collected through observation and interview. The research instruments were interview and observation guidelines. The data were in the form of field notes, interview transcripts, and pictures. The data were analyzed by coding them, eliminating the uncedeed data, and presenting them into the research finding. In this research, some actions were implemented: (1) using pictures as media in the beginning of the lesson, (2) conducting dictogloss activity, (3) conducting group discussion, and (4) using English classroom. The research was conducted in two cycles of the actions. The result of the first cycle showed that the implementation of the actions did not reach the maximum result in improving the writing skill. There were some aspects that still need some improvements. The result of the second cycle showed that the implementation of the actions could improve the sentence arrangement in writing a descriptive text. The indicators of the success of the implementation of the actions were: (1) the increase of students’ involvement, motivation, and confidence during the teaching and learning process, and (2) the improvement  of students’ writing skill after using the dictogloss technique.

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