Designing English Materials for Teaching Speaking by Using Role Play to Grade XI Students of Senior High Schools

Adif Setiyoko, Ashadi --


The objectives of the study are: 1) to describe the target needs of grade XI students in senior high school, 2) to describe the learning needs of grade XI students in senior high school, and 3) to develop the appropriate speaking materials for grade XI students in senior high school. This study is categorized as Research and Development (R&D). The study was conducted by adapting Jolly and Bolitho’s model in Tomlinson (1998). The steps of the study consist of conducting needs analysis, designing the course grid, developing the first draft of the materials, evaluating the first draft through expert judgment, and revising it based on the expert feedback. The subject of this study were 32 grade XI students of senior high school at one of senior high school in Klaten, Jawa Tengah. There were two types of questionnaire used to collect the data. The first one was distributed to get the data for the needs analysis while the second one was used to get the data for the materials evaluation through the expert judgment process. To determine the quality of the developed materials, the expert put a check in the scale of each item of the questionnaire. The data for both questionnaires were analysed quantitatively using descriptive statistics. The results of the study revealed that the target needs were able to communicate in English both spoken and written in the daily life. They also need to be easily understanding any kind of information as they learned English. They also find difficulties in using accurate grammar when speaking English and want to improve their fluency in speaking English. Then, the students prefer task in the form of text and dialogue as material input, practicing activities related to the grammar and repeating after the teacher in order to enrich their vocabulary. The product of this study was three units of English materials. Based on the result of the expert judgment, the developed English materials were considered appropriate as its mean score of the overall aspects reach is 3.54 or categorized as “Very Good”.


Keywords: English Learning Materials, Role-Play, Senior High School

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